REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS

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REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS Empty REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS

Post by Mig II on Wed May 25 2016, 17:35


Concernant les récompenses par Equipe, merci de m'indiquer à qui je dois envoyer les planets Wink
About the Teams's rewards, thanks to say me to what login I have to send the planets Wink

REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS Reward10

REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS Reward11

PS : Sorry, little error in the screen ! 
KOULIS & PILOUNOURS WILL RECEIVE 5.000p ^^ (3rd ex-aecquo), sorry for my mistake Pilounours Wink

Comme promis, une récompense de 1.000 planets sera envoyée aux mappers :
As promised, a reward of 1.000 planets will be send to Mappers :

Adle, BossPlaya, Chuck, emsw, Manu, lpf-Bruno


Well, now time for Congrats and thanks :
CONGRATS to All of you, players and Teams, and especially :
CONGRATS NWT Team , Big Winner of the 4vs4 Ranking and 2nd on 2vs2 !!!
With all these years, I think we should rename the 4vs4 as "try to beat Nwt records"
and prepare to the team house in DoSLand lol
CONGRATS PULSE Team, Big Winner of the 2vs2 Ranking and 2nd on 4vs4 !!!
You've managed the 2vs2 from the first race, nice fight with NWT on 4vs4,
amazing nice Result again this year !!!
CONGRATS FOX Team, 3rd on 4vs4 Ranking, very impressive and regular results by team.
Your place still with the Bests !!!
CONGRATS my DoS Team, 3rd on 2vs2 Ranking !!!
Nice Results Cheries, with the half of our new line-up, 4th on 4vs4, that's the way mates to grow up again Wink
CONGRATS BOSSWANTED, Imperial WINNER of the Individual and Dedi Rankings EDITION IX !!!
What can I say except you're just amazing, and so you've won your plenty place into the
"DoS Endurance Hall of Fame"
The secund time a DoS has won our DoS Endurance, after Duffarn on Edition VII ... so, What a Biiiiig pleasure for us !!!
CONGRATS VENNIKE, Big Big 2nd on Individual Ranking, amazing pilot we always love from
our DoS love story lol ... hope you to win it soon, really Wink
CONGRATS KOULIS and PILOUNOURS, well with a special big end result for Koulis, a nice last race managed for Pilounours, 
confirming by this way a strong 2nd place on Dedi, that's a pleasure to welcome you 2 on the 3rd place of Individual Podium Ranking !!!
CONGRATS PAPOU for your 3rd place on Dedi Ranking you have confirmed it from the 5th race, very impressive, very nice Result !!!
THANK YOU to all of Players and Teams who have joined us for our Edition IX !!!
We hope you passed a good time on our DoS Endurance Edition IX.
As usual, I must give some special dedicaces, DoS Endurance Edition IX coulnd't be active without :
The map's project for DoS Endurance stays always very hard, I wanna especially thank again :
Manu, Bossplaya,, Chuck, emsw, Bruno and Adle for your creations !!!
Our DoS ones : Flemming, Tichta, Yessay, Svmn, Owfee
Our "Ambassadors" Admins from our friendly Teams :
Phantom from OM ... THANK YOU very much Mate !!! Nice and pro job, as ever with OM Wink
Amelie from D²C ... THANK YOU very much AmyCherie !!! You come as soon as you could, thank you for your job and your eternal kindness .. we love you ! Wink
Our CherieTEAM, such a lovely one, SDR Admins :
Kiffer, Herbie(iiiiiie), Didi, do I have again to say how much we love you and how much you're so important on DoS Endurance ??
These guys are just the Base of all nice, pro, and sexy Admins ...
(I know, server 4 is now a private one for sex history, don't wanna know the details about who is the girl lool)

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Dulf, for your sympathy and comments on stream !!
A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Kikers, our List Manager, so good job as ever Cheriie !!! What can I do without you ?
A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Jack, for these lovely Servers, for your kindness, your disponibility, thank you so much mate !! Wink
A SPECIAL THANK YOU to .... hehe ... Yracer and Masta, Admins, Council, barmaid ....
These guys are so discreet, they have not many free time, but they're ALWAYS THERE when I need them .......  NOTHING can be real without them, you have to know that !
DoS Endurance Edition IX ... That's you !!!  Nothing could happen without you all Wink
I'm just a Propaganda's Minister.
End's sentences :
We can do better ... for sure, we work on it from time, and in a special Tm's environnment, less players than before, 
less mappers interested by the special way of DoS Endurance, that's a nice challenge to win ! There are no problems,  only solutions, it's up to us to find it.
About maps, this Session was difficult, with a few maps received, we hope that more players and mappers will create it for Endurance.
As ever, you can join us everytime of the year about it, I've yet received some maps for another Edition, hadn't time to look at it yet, sorry, but I will later, don't worry.
Anyway, I hope to see more players on servers, everywhere on game.
Of course, all competitions are always nice for teams and players, but for seducing new players arriving on game, we must too share the game's pleasure online, on servers, TA, rounds, etc ...
Hope that of all us will invest more a few time for that, I stay sure that's the solution to make growing up the dirt and the TM community online, as it was on old versions.
And the most important : TM is a game, it's just a game, hope you'll have on it only fun, pleasure, and race's spirit.
This is the end.
Have Fun ^^

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Pleasure, Fairplay ..... and Rage !!!
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REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS Empty Re: REWARDS, Congrats, and THANKS

Post by makonen on Wed May 25 2016, 17:53

It was a pleasure for us too ! Wink
And about the tracks, even if you didn't receive a lot of maps for this edition, it was, for me, one of the best mappack of a Dos Endurance. And you know how i can rage quit fast...xD.
And i found back some motivation for the game. So congratz for that :p.

gg to everybody and thx (in my name^^) to every staff member, admin, mappers,...



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