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Problem server 6 Empty Problem server 6

Post by picci on Tue Oct 30 2012, 22:22


This evening I was running the DOS
endurance on server 6.

I was leading the game end, during the
8th lap, the connection crashed.

When I got reconnected, I had to start
the run since the beginning.

What happened is very sad.

Hope you can do something to recover
the real situation.




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Problem server 6 Empty Re: Problem server 6

Post by Mig II on Wed Oct 31 2012, 15:26

Arff, Picci ... as I could tell you, I understand you feel sad ...

The problem is we can't anything for that. The races are on mod : laps.
And so, if you're disconnected on server, it's sure that when you come back, the race is initialized again, and you run from the beginning ...
The "enter" touch is available, but not the respaw or the exit of server.

It has been lived by others players, on Endurance races or others ...
The only one thing I can answer is to be always prudent with the connection, clean hard disk and tm files, not to have many programs opened ...

Sincerely sorried about that mate ^^

Pleasure, Fairplay ..... and Rage !!!
Mig II
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