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DoS Team Presentation Empty DoS Team Presentation

Post by Mig II on Mon Jul 02 2012, 15:46

Well, let us present our wonderful family to all Endurance's players ! cheers

The DoS Team, "Dirty Old School", was founded in italia in 2008 by Spericolato, Baretta and Jack Daniels.

Our team has grown up and now, have about 25 players from 12 nationalities, even out of Europe .... so, we use to speak in english lol! ... (sloven, afrikaner or norvy not easy on evening loool).

Our members are between 16 to .....(85 ??) years old :p, but I won't give the name of the oldest lesbian xD ...

Don't worry when you cross some DoS creatures if they call themselves : " cheries", "voododildo", "lesbian" .... that's the usual dictionnary in our wonderful family Laughing

We defend valoures as level, as fun, as fairplay and respect and we are sensible to help the "Dirt Community" to grow up !

We use to participate to many tournaments; about our DoS Endurance Competition, the original idea was developped by our "gourou" Speri, who stay the grandfather, the Papa and the "DoS Imperator" !! That's why we stay kind girls ! lol!

Our DoS Endurance is a special Evenment for us : when you come playing, it's like come at DoS's home ... So, keep the same line than us about respect and fun, then we can promise you we'll give all the best for your happiness !!

We wish you all a good time !! Be Happy !
The Complete DoS Team.
Mig II
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