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Post by Awesome on Wed Jan 18 2012, 09:40

Oh hai there

Ok where to start... mhmmm... let's say the first 2 tracks were not really good, but i can just speak for myself and a bunch of other people which are really mad about the chosen tracks Wink

Anyway... more important is to talk about the organisation... Yesterday on server 3 we first played 5min wu and 8min race on a wrong track (which was even worse) so in the end we started with the real map around 21.45...
But even crazier is the fact that the people on server 2 played THE REAL TRACK FROM THE BEGINNING... Daigle wrote on facebook that you've had troubles on server 2 aswell, and they played the race track already when he joined the server around 21.00... so i'd say they've all had a pretty nice warmup, which isn't really fair for the other players Twisted Evil

Oh well... just keep focus on the organisation... if you need help, just ask. I think it'd be in everyones interest if we won't have any problems and troubles in the future.

Cheers NWT Cool


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Ummm yeah... Empty Re: Ummm yeah...

Post by DOS soniic on Wed Jan 18 2012, 12:26

its not our fault server 3 had that problem...

DOS soniic

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Ummm yeah... Empty Re: Ummm yeah...

Post by Mig II on Wed Jan 18 2012, 13:40

Yes Awesome, I had the info after ...

the problem was I've uploaded the good configuration with the map for race, but it didn't updated on the page of the server 3 ... don't know why, maybe a bad manipulation from. I'll check it tonight on remote cp.

After have prepared the 7 servers, i had to join quickly server 1 as admin and join tm-live for comments ... so, coulnd't see this problem.

As you say, we have to work about our organization, with admins on every server, we're talking abotu it from yesterday night, and I'll do some proposition with our admins for having no more problems like this.

About server 2, some told me it, but as I looked about results, it seems that the final results of this race doesn't mean they had so more advantage about this time longer.

We're sorried about this situation, and we work inside dos organization this evening with all dos admins for no more problems like this.

Mig II
Mig II

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Ummm yeah... Empty Re: Ummm yeah...

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