Maps Endurance Selection for Edition VI

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Maps Endurance Selection for Edition VI Empty Maps Endurance Selection for Edition VI

Post by Mig II on Mon Oct 17 2011, 21:26

DoS Endurance Edition VI is in preparation ....

Before give you all new dates of races and registration, we're yet selecting our new catalog of maps for our next Edition.

We look for the best ... ^^ our test and choice will be selected by a restricted council from DoS Team ... as everytime, only a few of us can test and select the maps, others DoS members, as everyone of you, don't know the maps before we race on it.

So, if you're interested, or if you know a good mapper who'll be interested about it, these are some rules about the maps :

1. map from 2.20 to 2.50mn a lap
2. edited on 2-3 laps is the best
3. no password for edition pls (we must can change the laps edition if needed)
4. 1 or 2 clever jump desired - if not, some jumps wanted
5. you're free about your map style, BUT no mod on it (to give all chance to every player, from wherever he plays)

We look for pure big maps mates .... Be inspired !

If your map is selected by the 1st test, we pay you it 700cp the map, BUT for keeping the secret until the end, we'll select about 15 maps for a final choice between 8 or 9.

For any other question, or send the map, here is my mail you can use (I'm one of the 3 map council) :

Mig : olivierhouver@neuf.fr

PS : we take our time to organize the Edition VI 'cose many of us have many work and we have the project to propose to you a nice new competition.

Share the information, and see you soon on our wonderful DoS Endurance's .... VI

Mig II
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