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Welcome to TM Dirt Community Website! Empty Welcome to TM Dirt Community Website!

Post by Deckard Cain on Thu Feb 03 2011, 12:48

Welcome to TM Dirt Community Website! TMDirt_Header_Menu

Welcome to TM Dirt (http://www.tmdirt.com), a new Trackmania Dirt community website! The idéa for this website originated from a discussion amongst a large number of administrators for the biggest Dirt Competitions, Nations and Teams active today.

Our Goal is to bring the Dirt Community closer together and have the latest news about Competitions, Teams, Servers, Maps, TM-Links (favourites) et c.

All info will be provided by our members! So ALL members can write Blogs, create Groups, upload Videos et c. (that can be featured on the front page)!

ALL members can create a Profile, Groups, Blogs, Events and take part in Group Discussions. If you like this idéa, please Sign Up! Welcome to TM Dirt Community Website! 111

You can search for info about a Team or a Competition (look for their Group), and Promote Servers, Maps, Competitions et c.

Everything is accessible in the Menu or on the Home page.

We encourage Team Captains and Competition Administrators to Sign Up and create a Group representing your Team and/or Competition. See Tutorials for more info!

For Competition Admins, please go to Group Competition Admins and request membership. There we can share knowledge, resources and schedule future competitions.

We use no standard forum, instead we use Groups (that include forum + more), so please check out all our Groups! For fast communication we use our Shoutbox!

For questions and feedback, please see Group Questions & Answers & Feedback!

/We hope to c u soon!

PS! If you want to help us spread the word on websites and forums, please copy Html- or BB-code from here.
Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain

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Welcome to TM Dirt Community Website! Empty Re: Welcome to TM Dirt Community Website!

Post by Mig II on Sat Feb 05 2011, 18:45

Hey Deckard .... I've yet edited one message on this forum ... here Smile


but no problem to present again this nice forum ....

For better organization on our forum, better to speak about it on Dirt Community section ... Wink
Mig II
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