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Post by le_flic on Tue Oct 26 2010, 22:20

[O.M]Master's Tracks and Pilots  Test3-12


[O.M] TEAM presents to you the new formula of his server [O.M] MASTERS:

The formula remains the same. The only difference is that players and mappeurs will be rewarded the same way like this :
rank 1 = 3000 coppers
rank 2 = 2000 coppers
rank 3 = 1000 coppers

map 1 = 3000 coppers
map 2 = 2000 coppers
map 3 = 1000 coppers

This new formula will become operative on Saturday, 27/11/2010. Positions of players and mappeurs will be frozen
on every last Saturday of the current month and will start again the same day until last Saturday of the next month,
as soon as maps for the next month will have been loaded on the server.

Location server : France - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Bouches-du-rhône

All the mappeurs are invited to post their map here: http://tmn.om.xooit.com/f82-Tracks-lists.htm

The objective is to have a maximum of 60 maps a month. Then if you are interested, you have a month to create and post your map on the server.

Cordially O.M Team

PS : You haven't need registration


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