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Post by Yoshy on Tue Mar 17 2015, 22:13

Hi all,

i would like to say, that it is really disrespectful, when people - which have finished - start to chat while other people are driving. I know that the temptation is really high since i talked also on last race to early. Please  try to stop it to show some respect for other ones. You may don't have problems with that but others.

Best regards



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Chat talking Empty Re: Chat talking

Post by Mig II on Tue Mar 17 2015, 22:18

You're right Yoshi !!!!

With end screenshots we may have it, and for all players, please respect the rules !!!

NO CHAT UNTIL THE LAST HAS FINISHED !!! It's the minimum respect you'd like others do for you !!

Pleasure, Fairplay ..... and Rage !!!
Mig II
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