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Post by norico on Tue Jun 09 2009, 22:30

- CUTTING, HORNING AND CHATTING IS NOT ALLOWED. There will be an admin as a referee to check the respect of the rules IF SOMEBODY WON'T RESPECT THE RULES WILL BE KICKED AND BANNED.

Merci a de respecter les règles
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Admins faites-vous respecter !


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Post by spartacross on Fri Jun 12 2009, 00:08

yes, i join with you in this campaigne, during the final lap i had a lag due to the chat of the players that just finished the race, this cause me a respawn and maybe 15 position in the final classification that was very close this time. i hope admins take consideration of this appeal.


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Post by spericolato on Sat Jun 13 2009, 14:30

we never take it off the points also in the first edition
i'll advice vodr yra for next race,
if yra will continue chatting in the end of the race i'll take some decision but please we are here for fun please respect the other driver are still plaining
another thing make lagging the server is :
saving the replay of own endurance race
please wait the end of the race for saving
thx a lot sperico
sp make a sva replay after all the driver arrive in the end


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