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Worst result Empty Worst result

Post by 'NWT' skopol on Thu Feb 25 2010, 14:39

Hello admins :Dwill there be worst week erased like in previous competitions? :Dthanks for answers :Pcheers

'NWT' skopol

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Worst result Empty Re: Worst result

Post by rosettah :) on Fri Feb 26 2010, 07:37

YOp skopolina, thx for asking, or I would not have seen it is not in the rules Wink I will spank Pennel of course!

Yes, the worst result in both Race and Dedi will be erased!

(I have not implemented that in results yet, since it's been only 2 playdays, after 3 or 4 playdays, results will have worst result erased)


rosettah :)

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