Special Message to Endurance Mappers Cycle 1

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Special Message to Endurance Mappers Cycle 1

Post by Mig II on Wed Dec 05 2012, 22:09

Before the end of our lovely Competition - of course we'll thank everyone later - our "Endurance" wouldn't have been anything
without the talent of all the mappers who has given us maps for selections, and maps we have played.

In the name of all, DoS Team, and all players,
we want to say, shout even xD,

to all the mappers of the DoS Endurance !!!

cheers cheers cheers

Some of them are the real identity and stay
the Public Image of our Competition, from the beginning of Edition I

I want to name especially :

RosettaStoned, Cross, Ben, Xeres, Matto, Luccasz, Moutmout

cheers cheers cheers

Mates, we have played from the beginning some maps of you, with others mappers,
you were always ready to create a map for every Edition,

and you stay as the best representatives quality we could present on all this first Cycle of the DoS Endurance.
We coulnd't realized so nice races and successful without you, without your talent and the work you have made for us !!

Thank you ! [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Thank you so much for all that you have given us !!!
You are the DoS Endurance's Honnour, with all others mappers.

DoS Team.

Pleasure, Fairplay ..... and Rage !!!
Mig II
Mig II

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Re: Special Message to Endurance Mappers Cycle 1

Post by EDEN on Thu Dec 06 2012, 06:52

Thank you very much!

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