TEST 29th December - FEEDBACK

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TEST 29th December - FEEDBACK

Post by Mig II on Thu Dec 29 2011, 23:10

Hi all,

thanks to all players who came and played on our servers for the test !!

it seems ok, in general parametrs, we'll speak soon with our general admin of servers.

Anyway, we must insist about 1 very important point :

Please, when we edit the list of players on every server, GO ONLY on the server where you are registered, and please, DON'T VISIT others servers ....

We've seen it can close entrance for others players when on the same map, more thant 25 players came (enven if they have left after).

So thanks for your comprehension.

PS : the 6 maps we propose are from the list not selected for the final races, you'll find it again for train before the beginning of races.
As usual, every Tuesday, the good map for race will be charged some minuts before begin it, no one knows it.

PS 2 : Warm-Up time will be edited for races, don't worry.
Mig II

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Re: TEST 29th December - FEEDBACK

Post by ben*j on Fri Dec 30 2011, 09:44

Hi mig,

I have a question Smile, when the first player finish, there is about 10 sec for the others player to finish the run, this seems a little short, right?

Perhaps that was because last night was the test, if it is sorry ^_^

Bye Smile


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Re: TEST 29th December - FEEDBACK

Post by Deckard Cain on Mon Jan 09 2012, 13:03

Haha, I need a minute or so at least ^^
Deckard Cain

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Re: TEST 29th December - FEEDBACK

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